Do you judge God’s goodness or power by your own personal circumstances? What’s wrong with that idea?

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last night I was reading this from the devotional I read everyday on the air and this question resonated with me long after the devotional was over. “Do you judge God’s goodness or power by your own personal circumstances? What’s wrong with that idea?”

As I was driving home last night I was thinking how often do I determine God’s goodness by MY gain? How often do I say GOD is GOOD when something favorable happens to me? It made me think about God, and then I started to think that God is always there in the thick and thin and each breathe is a blessing and each thing we do is a blessing because God allows it. I swear perspective is everything, and is huge for me in understanding life, because we can always look at our scenario, our situation from two different perspectives, the positive and negative. You don’t have to believe in Christ to understand that, but believing in Christ makes looking at the positive even more real. Anyway back on topic with what I was talking about. The more I reflected on that question the more I realized how selfish I was at times, not just because I gave God praise when good things happen but also because at times I didn’t give God praise when bad things happen. THAT right there is KEY to understanding that question. We shouldn’t judge God’s goodness by what we GAIN because God is good even when we don’t gain. It’s not about me, or you, or us when answering that question, and if you look at it that way then YOU are being selfish. God isn’t a puppet that we use or we call on when we have something to gain. That’s not the point, God is God.
Anyways if you want to read the devotional hit up the link. Love this.


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