Less than one week…

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes! Today is Monday and then on Saturday I will officially be a married man. A ring on my left finger for the rest of my life. A ball and chain on….haha nah I am just kidding. I didn’t have much time to play around with the wordpress blog this past weekend because I was at Lake Texoma and well the last thing I was going to do was pick up a laptop and play around with this.

-This past weekend was what I needed. It was fun, no drama, no stress, great food and friends and a hell-uva time. It was one of those weekends where inside jokes are made and memories will live long after the weekend was over.

-I finally heard back from the apartment complex and we got the place. No idea how I am going to move in before the wedding or when I will find time but we got the place, which is a huge deal and accomplishment. Why is getting this apartment a huge deal? Welll about 5 years ago I lost my job had to break the lease of my current apartment and in turn had to pay a crap load of money. I wasn’t exactly rolling in dough so it took forever to pay off and when we applied for this place low and behold that little lease break came up on my rental history which in turn threw a huge curve into the situation. Long story short I had to track down a place in San Antonio call them up get paper work faxed before we got approved. It was a head-ache but as of today we got the place!

-Work is going good, I don’t know if I will get that other FT position with CC. I haven’t heard anything back. That errrrks me, ya know? You apply for a position, and then you don’t hear anything forever and its like well thanks for applying but nothing. Why is it that I perceive THAT, the fact that I didn’t get a call back as I am not qualified enough OR I am not good enough? Stupid, I know but I always think it’s silly how humans validate their worth from other humans. We are constantly LOOKING for acceptance and approval from PEERS but in the end does it really matter? No. It’s a battle I often fight, but then I think Adrian this is dumb…WHOCARES if this person doesn’t think highly of you or WHOCARES if you don’t get their approval.

-I am looking forward to the future, looking forward to having a wife, looking forward to growing more in Christ with my wife, and looking forward to getting more into photography. I recently was asked to take pictures for the CC cluster at different station events. I think it will be a great opportunity for others to see my work and I know that some other opportunities will become of it. Not to mention being in radio and having access to concerts, festivals etc is a great way to create other opportunities. So thats one thing I want to do after the wedding stuff settles down.

Ok back to accomplishing the things I have to do this week. I have a LIST PEOPLE!


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