Earrllllly morning Saturday

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

For the last month or two I have worked the super early shift on Saturdays. I usually get in right and 6 and then leave right around 10. At first it was a pain because I never usually wake till after 10 but Saturdays are different. I enjoy the fact that I get outta here and then still have the entire day to do whatever. Working this early reminds me of my Starbucks days when I would get up 4:30 work at 5:00 off at 10:00 and then off to do whatever. It’s like you have two days in one. Once I get outta here its off to the lake for the b. party. I am pretty stoked about this weekend. I feel its a much needed weekend especially with all the planning that has gone on for the weekend. I really really really can’t wait. HA! Then next weekend I am getting married.

-The other night I was at the Stars game with some friends and one of them mentioned how awesome my fiancee is. When she was talking about her it hit me from a different perspective. Obviously I think the world of my fiancee, because I am marrying her, but hearing how awesome she is unsolicited from someone else really made me appreciate who she is and what she does. After that conversation I couldn’t help to think about what she said, and she is right. I am really, really, really lucky. While most girls wouldn’t put up with my crap, my past mistakes, my short comings, but I have a girl who looks past that and continues to love me regardless.

-Then the other day I posted something on twitter, a quote about love. Basically it said Love isn’t blind, lust is, love sees through all the mistakes and hangups and still continues to love. That is a good quote to remember because it is true. Love looks past all of that and still continues to love. I know what the bible says in Corinthians about love, but regardless of how picturesque that idea is, the picture of love in Corinthians is constantly over used.

-WP: I want to try and figure out how to get the “yoitsadrian just another wordpress blog off” any ideas? I imagine I can but it will come in the form of a upgrade which is fine but I don’t want to spend any money into this yet until I know exactly what I am going to use it for.

-One week before the wedding and I haven’t gotten the grooms gifts yet! Ah, I’m not stressing about it but I have been going back and forth about what type of gift to get. I don’t want to get something cliche, but I may not have any other option. I want to get something unique and different but that takes time and obviously I am running out of it. I have a feeling Wednesday night is going to come and it will have me at the mall running around trying to find gifts. Watch. Wait. See.

-I emailed PD about this gig and I hope it comes through. I feel like for the past 7 years since I got into radio I have been scraping, clawing, persevering to get ahead. Always saying yes, never saying no, and trying anything and everything possible to make something of myself. Do you ever have that feeling that if someone would give you a shot you know you would excel and succeed, but all you need is that shot. I have been thinking alot about that idea lately, and lately I have been getting my shot. I think that if this position does come through it will really give me the opportunity I have been looking for. I do notice that people notice the fact that I contribute more then I should, do more then I should, and consistently say yes and not no. Lets hope its worth it..

That’s all I got for now, so for the next few hours of my shift…time to figure out how to get rid of the “yoitsadrian, just another wordpress blog” because I hope this ones not.


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