The first and not the last

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have a tumblr, I have a facebook, I have a twitter and now I have a wordpress. I don’t know why honestly. It all started with a conversation which is how most things do, and I mentioned how there are more radio station websites who are utilizing Word Press for their websites. I have heard of Word Press before obviously but never used it because I had a tumblr. So I decided why not try and teach myself about wordpress and in the process blog about it. I also want to use this blog to talk more about personal stuff. Not necessarily pop-culture or music which I am sure will find its way in here but more about relationship, and other things I come across. So…in closing know that this blog is a work in progress and I’ll update it while I work on it and who knows what will become of it. It being the blog. There….


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